Saturday, October 4, 2008

Photos and more!

Hello curious spectators, today we have some spankin' new photos to show off along with our update.

First, the business: Last Sunday a few folks got together and made some wonderful, hand-painted signs to inform neighbors and community members that Lentol Garden is active, thriving and SEEKING VOLUNTEERS!!!! That's right, we're officially starting phase one of our ambitious plan to breath new life into the garden. This first phase, which we will be implementing over the winter months while the garden hibernates, consists of four parts in no particular order:

a. recruiting and organizing volunteers
b. researching and planning a vision for the garden
c. coordinating and facilitating fund raising activities
d. researching and networking community resources

Now the fun stuff:
I walked around the garden yesterday with my camera and made a few photos.

I know, this one is a little too creepy to start with, but there is something hauntingly beautiful about his photo. This poor house fly picked the florets of a broccoli plant to live out his final days, and there he remains, lost to eternity.

Click on the photo to see all the gallery from October 3, 2008!

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