Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shed Update

This is our shed foundation, constructed today by Fernando and myself.  We leveled the ground, then sunk these materials into the dirt.  It was made from bricks and cinder blocks we salvaged from one of our neighboring house's demolition.  It was quite hot.  NEXT weekend, we hope to construct the actual shed!

Also notice the shed pic from the catalog that will go up, the very last of the lilac, the yellow roses, and the hydrangea that is climbing up alongside a neighboring building and blooming for the first time since planted.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Update

A plentiful bloom of daffodils and tulips brought us out of hibernation and into the spring.  With several weeks of growth behind us, we are currently battling mugwort once more, Brooklyn's most invasive weed.  Spreading mulch and weeding will be the key in controlling the epidemic.  This will be made all the more easy by the gardening tools that will occupy our new shed!  The shed will be installed next Sunday, and coated with a fresh spring color.  Otherwise, we have much enthusiasm for project ideas including movie nights, art in the park, and more!