Thursday, September 11, 2008

Another Garden Update!

The Lentol volunteer squad was out again yesterday, braving the gigantic, swarming Brooklyn mosquitoes in the continuing push to clean up the Graham Ave. portion of the garden. There's no doubt about it, the work is dirty, sweaty manual labor. But it's a labor of love! Here's how it goes down:

First, We simply use a large, flat head shovel to literally scrape the weeds from the ground. Technically speaking, it's not the best method for weed removal but the sheer density of plant life (and the lack of strong backs to manually pull the little plants out by the roots) requires drastic action! Next, we use a rake to separate the plants from the top soil. Finally, we put the dispatched organic matter into the compost pile and redistribute the topsoil to its original location. Sounds fun, right?

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